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Responsible Communications

Our purpose is to ensure that every communication will be welcomed by every recipient. If you’re the recipient, this is obviously good news since you receive only relevant, worthwhile input. If you’re the sender, it means that your communication will be all the more effective since it will be received solely by interested parties who will appreciate the message rather than resent it.

With that aim in mind, we engage with a wide audience, understanding their roles and responsibilities together with the type of organisation so that all communication can be directed to the right people each time. We contact them and network with them on a regular basis to ensure the information available is complete and accurate and that each individual has consented to receive such communications. We have been delivering on this goal for over 18 years and pride ourselves that we help both audiences and communicators profit from the communication process.

Seminar/Conference Speakers/

We identify and recruit the authoritative, entertaining speakers you need to make your event the unbridled success you seek.

We have relationships with a network of respected experts in a wide range of subject areas and can identify additional ones rapidly and effectively.

The success of your event is determined by the pulling power of your speakers and the performance they deliver. We make sure you have the right people to attract your audience, capture their attention and leave a lasting positive impression.

Our speakers are available to deliver their wisdom throughout the world and we have fluent speakers of a full range of languages suitable in Europe, North America, India and the Middle East.

Seminar/Conference Delegate

Clearly, you need to attract the right audience for your event – you don’t want just anyone to turn up.

You want to spend your money on educating, informing and entertaining the ideal delegates. We’ll take care of the whole process: we’ll work with you to define the ideal target audience; we’ll identify all the people that fit that profile and we’ll communicate on your behalf to recruit them to attend.

We know all the right people to invite; we know how to attract them to register and we know how to look after them through the process so that they attend with energy and enthusiasm. That enables you to concentrate on managing content and logistics and the whole delegate experience so that when we deliver your audience the show goes with a bang. Our reach in terms of potential delegates is Europe, North America, India, Middle East and Australia.

Research Panel Recruitment & Management

We have established relationships with thousands of people across the globe who are prepared to assist you by completing surveys/questionnaires or more informal interviews, both by telephone and face-to-face.

Where your requirement is extremely specific, we can canvass those panel members to find the specific group best suited to your needs.

If your requirement is even more unusual, we are able to use our huge, global network to recruit additional panel members that precisely meet your specific requirements.

Peer Group Connectivity

You may need to check with someone who has already trodden the path you are considering taking – e.g. you may want to check out a new supplier or product or you may want to validate a strategy you are considering.

You may be facing a particular challenge that you feel your peers also face and want the opportunity to talk through some of the issues – perhaps it’s a one-off; perhaps it will develop into a regular thing, maybe a lunch-club.

Whatever your needs, we can connect you, confidentially and diplomatically, with just the right person/people. Simply give us the brief and we’ll get you connected.

This is a free service – it’s a way of showing our appreciation for all the assistance we receive from those in our network.






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